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Originally Posted by CunningGabe View Post
The mana cost could change, though I understand that that won't make it much more exciting. Is there some other way to give the spell an interesting boost now that trap detection is gone?
Well, is it possible to add scaling effects?
ie. @level 5 it just finds doors and stairs, @15 it adds say also lights current room/area, @25 also detects monsters, all the way to eventually doing something like a full detect, and map.

With traps, is there any passive detection now, or are we back to Angband 1.0, search, step, search, step, search, etc... Maybe my High Elf Mage is just diving too fast and so not in a 'proper' level range, but I cannot recall ever spotting a trap without actively searching first or walking onto it.
Died due to over confidence, most common reason, so it will be a while until I can get deep enough to compare again.

BTW, this change just made, if they still exist, Rods that can detect traps mandatory gear imo.
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