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I find the new trap scheme to be very playable, but traps feel defanged. Playing with rogues, traps never bother me now. I don't think this is the mechanism's fault, because the reason they feel "easier" is because the system is preventing careless errors (whoops, I hit left arrow, not d left arrow. crap). This seems like a positive.

I was wondering if the system might be modified a bit so that perception gets reduced during combat (hitting/being hit by monsters) with some sort of a timer in player turns. This would roughly parallel the idea that the character is too busy fighting things to notice subtle traps. I would imagine the timer working both ways (gradually reducing perception, and requiring some cool down before it returns to normal). With this change, fleeing down an unknown corridor, or teleporting away from monsters and walking around would be a lot more dangerous. If traps could get re-hidden based on current perception, that would be even nastier. . .
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