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Randart mage going strong


New member here although definitely not new to Angband. Just recently switched to randards and it's now going so exceptionally that I just wanted to share the details here:
Level 44 mage at dungeon level 63. Resist all, sustain all except wisdom, AC 211, HP 548, SP 326 speed +24. Immunity to frost always on, immunity to fire and acid available from swap items, all spellbooks. No ESP though and rBlind from Lantern of True Sight.

About to start clearing a pit with 4 bone golems, 4 Nightwings, 4 dracoliches, skull druj, eye druj + some usual creepers in it. Why bother? Well I'm feeling something very good here and only unidentified items are gauntlets and a cutlass in that pit...
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