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Still going. Level 50 DL 82, resist all, sustain all and telepathy. This looks like a winner. Only minus is aggravation which comes from this:
Ring of Adamant 'Luindin' <+6>
Found lying on the floor in a pit at 3850 feet (level 77)

+6 wisdom
+6 dexterity
+6 constitution
+6 speed

Provides resistance to acid, light, nexus.
Provides protection from fear, blindness.
Cannot be harmed by lighting.
Sustains strength, intelligence, dexterity.
Feather Falling. Speeds regeneration. Prevents paralysis. Grants the ability to see invisible things. Aggravates creatures nearby.

Aggravate is not critical with telepathy+mass banishment and that +6 constitution gives me 920 HP which is not bad for a mage. It replaced +11 speed ring but my speed is still +32 and temporary +10 easily available.

Just now found a pit with Gothmog and Lungorthin in it. Nothing difficult about those 2, and so most unique monsters are now dead. I think Vecna, Tarrasque, Ancalagon and Sauron are the main one's left.
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