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Sorry, been busy.
Yes, Morgoth is down!
It took him a while to notice me so I was able to blanket a large area with runes of protection and when he finally got to my 'Panic room' my tactic was as follows:
since I had +41 speed from items+temp speed, I was at +51 and able to do average 2 things for each 1 of his, therefore:
*He summons something, I do mass banish and hit him with mana storm
*He casts something that takes out 2/3 of my HP, I heal and hit him with mana storm
*He tries to break one of the runes, I hit him with 3-4 mana storms before he succeeds.

Was not that hard
Note that I made sure to have all strong uniques cleared out first before going to level 100. I forgot Vecna who appeared at some point during the last battle, I teleported him away and dealt with later.
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