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Memorable moments

Saw an amulet on the floor in a vault. Turned out to be this:

the Jewel of Erith [+30] <+2>
Found lying on the floor in a vault at 2350 feet (level 47)

+2 dexterity
Provides immunity to fire
Provides resistance to frost

Right after picking it up, I realized that Balrog of Moria is literally in the next room. (*grin*) Things did not go well for the Big B. Perhaps some day he learns to avoid mages with fire immunity.

Later, this very same wonderful item caused my worst near-death experience in the entire game:

I using amulet of ESP for telepathy at that point. Somewhere around DL 70 I found a vault with some unique Balrogs or some other fire-types in it, cast mass banishment and went for uniques with that jewel on for immunity. But then I forgot to switch back to ESP. So I was exploring the vault assuming that:
A) I have ESP
B) The vault is empty of monsters

Both assumptions turned out to be wrong when 2(!) off-screen skull druj's and a time hound that had been out of range of mass banishment started to rain the merry hell on me. Staring mouth open and thinking "where the **** did that come from?" I managed to escape though, with whopping 19 hitpoints left...
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