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That sling is arguably better than the XBow because it does a little more damage and hits quite a bit more often; on the downside it takes more and heavier ammo.

That said, the advice "rogues should use slings" is for some variants, not for Vanilla.

Post character dumps on the ladder. (See tabs at top of page.)
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Too bad about the crystal drake. That kind of thing is one reason diving fast is good. You won't waste hours and hours getting to 2000', just to get killed a little while later.

+to_hit is NOT LINEAR. Against high-AC monsters, it can make a huge difference, depending on your character. But I agree, !Heroism is the first thing I do without, if I am overloaded. Later you will get the spells, and those are certainly worth using.

In the future, RElec and RAcid would be good. At that depth an AMHD can kill you with any unresisted elemental breath.

Edit: and do stay away from mages until you are getting beyond 2500' reliably. They are incredibly fragile until very late in the game. It's a lot easier to learn with a Rogue.
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