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[FA, O?] Combat

From my current FA character's dump

On 16.7.2007 10:30 Psi wrote:

Not sure if you are used to the O-style combat - but you'll want to get a bigger dice weapon asap if you want to do some serious damage.

On 16.7.2007 10:56 Seany C wrote:

Like Psi says, in O-combat (applies to O, FA, S and recent versions of Z), damage plusses add a percentage to your base damage rather than a fixed amount so a lead-filled mace or 2-handed sword will do a *lot* more damage than a main gauche (then again, are rogues supposed to use light weapons only)?

On 16.7.2007 11:23 Psi wrote:
Rogues start out being able to weild a max of a 10lb weapon comfortably which rises to 20lb by level 50. Therefore a lead-filled mace will incur penalties until you are high level. IIRC you actually get skill bonuses for wielding weapons below your max weight (assassins certainly do).
I'm not really looking for the straight combat spoilers, but I'd like to know what in-game stuff I can use to judge weapon killing power. The two main areas that I've noticed are by way of the deadliness % that is on the Character screen, or by using the (I)nformation command on each weapon which gives a bit more info on branding, average damage etc.

On the character screen, is deadliness% a complete method of comparing weapons, or do I have to use blows/round and +skill as well?
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