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The RNG Giveth, the RNG Taketh Away

Reading the forum yesterday i found out about the Android port of Angband. Since i had a long car ride that evening i decided to download the current beta (based off V3.2) and give it a whirl. I decided to go with Troll Warriors for ease of use on the minimal keyboard on my phone and dove right in.

The first few Thog's died inglorious deaths early on as i figured out how to move around using the tapping interface and use the Enter Menus to make up for the lack of a fully symboled keyboard.

Thog the 4th though had the RNG shine on him. His first dive was going fast as he whacked away with a dagger. He quickly got down to 200' where a line of 7 orcs in a corridor let him level up 4 or 5 times in one fight to Level 9. He also got some sort of Ego armor out of it that he quickly put on. Then he ran into a nasty little creature that kept clearing his throat. A few lucky blows and Smeagol dropped the Long Sword Elvagil! The RNG is Smiling thinks Thog IV as he recalls to town to clear out his inventory of un IDed potions and scrolls and armor up some more.

Thog recalled back down and ran into Wormtongue in the 1st room. With such a nice weapon in hand the fight was going well for Thog when in one round he stepped on an unseen summoning trap and Wormtongue slowed him... 1 more action latter and he was dead from the swarm of White Wolves...

Sigh. The RNG Giveth, the RNG Taketh Away...

The Android port works fairly well on my G2 though i suspect magic use will require some decent macro/keymapping to make enjoyable/easy.

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