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O style combat

I decided to take a look at what damages would look like with + dam being a multiplier to damage instead of a set value. Sort of how brands and slays work. I believe this is the premise behind O-style combat.

Anyway, I made a spreadsheet that allows one to look at the various damages that weapons give in Angband, and allows you to adjust the multiplier. It can be found here and is free for anyone to edit. There's no official proposal to move things over to O-style yet. This is merely a scoping attempt to see what rebalancing efforts would be needed.

Some initial thoughts:
1) a multiplier somewhere between 5% and 10% for each damage point seems best
2) Some rebalancing needs to be done for high dice gear.
3) It's possible that a non-linear multiplier may be desirable
4) A hackish solution could use a MIN function between O-style and the current damage calc.
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