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Inventory screen

I'm not sure when this was changed but just so you know I don't like the change. Right now when you hit 'i' it brings up your inventory and asks what item you want to select. the only way to get out of it is to select an item which then brings up a list of things you can do with the item. BTW squelch or destroy is missing from the list of actions that can be taken.

Most of the time I bring up the inventory screen though is not to select an item to do something with but simply to look at what I have or compare what I have to equipment I'm wearing. I go back and forth between inventory and equipment a lot and now this does not work. I'm also used to opening the inventory screen to see what I have and then deciding to 'q'uaff or 'r'ead something prior to selecting the item which is also different now. Also once you bring up the inventory screen your next key has to be an item slot you currently have or the escape key, pressing any other key results in absolutely nothing happening making you think your game is stuck.

I guess I can get used to it but it is annoying not being able to just browse my inventory. Also I cannot use a terminal window to display it as I do not have any real estate left on my monitor.

*edit* I just found I can use the '/' key to swap between inventory and equipment so that makes things easier. One small bug, an unidentified ring of delving gave me the option to 'A'ctivate it when selected.
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