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I can press escape to get out of the inventory screen but it is way over in the corner of my screen where my fingers don't normally go, basically just a minor annoyance. Yes I realize a lot of it is retraining muscle memory however there are also some inconsistencies in the menus. After selecting an item I can use the arrow keys to navigate and select the action for it however I cannot use the arrow keys to select the item in the first place.

After selecting an item I cannot choose 'q' to quaff it, and if i choose 'e' to equip it it asks me where to throw it. So basically I have to learn a whole new set of commands depending on whether I already selected the item I want to do the action to or not.

Also if I hit 'i' to view my inventory I can use '/' to switch between inventory and equipment. OTOH if I hit 'e' to view equipment I cannot hit '/' to switch to inventory.

Finally, if I bring up the equipment window i can hit any key to remove the menu, including space which works nicely for clearing it, but if I bring up the inventory screen and hit '/' to see equipment I have to use escape to get out of the equipment menu. Would it at least be possible to use the space bar to clear whatever menu is on the screen? It is much easier than escape and is already used to clear -more- messages so it's a built in behaviour for angbanders.
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