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Yes, this is part of the expanded mouse support that I wrote.

I just added a squelch menu option (ignore/unignore) and a drop all option, but they have not been pushed yet. I'll push them to git later tonight.

About going back to the inventory page from 'e', that is still the original equipment command in v4. At first I only changed the 'i' command so there would be less to undo if people didn't like it and to provide a comparison. The 'e' command changes are in V, but still have to be added to V4.

Both commands use the get_item() function, the same as the inspect and verb-item commands, so they will behave the same. So in addition to '/' to change the inventory page, you can press '-' for floor items. (you can also click the top line to cycle between the three pages.) Also any changes made for the inventory pages would also affect those menus.

Adding a space to close any get_item() menu will be easy. Adding arrow keys to highlight what would be selected when pressing enter is more difficult, since get_item() menus show the inven/equip page then wait for a key or mouse press, rather than using the menu API.

About the action labels being the key press rather than a sequential index, this is something I want as well, but I have not figured out how to get the menu subsystem to do it. (Colored text as well.) NPP has done it in his mouse support patch, but I still have to go through the patch to see how he did it and see if it applies to angband.
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