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Originally Posted by Deadguy View Post
Hey all,

I play 3.4 V and NPP 6.1 on my tablet and one thing I really like about NPP is the 'all small levels' birth option..does this exist in current versions of V? If not, is there any way to edit the txt files to do it, or is this in the actual code? Not a coder here, just curious, thanks in advance.
Right now we don't really have a good way to scale levels. We used to have a variable size, but we weren't calculating monster density properly and the levels were problematic. One of the goals for the restruct that I was talking with Nick about was to allow options like DUNGEON_WIDTH and DUNGEON_HEIGHT to be selectable in an init file. I'm leery about my abilities to actually write the loading input, but assuming I am able to, I'd like to put a lot of these gameplay variables as user settings. These would include dungeon height and width, but also things like max_sight, max_range (currently there's a half birth option), awareness scaling for monsters (so you get swarmed less on smaller levels) and other things like that.

That's the plan. I'd love some help in setting up the input loader as I honestly have no clue what I'm doing here.

If you really want something now, and can compile the game from source, you can try compiling with changed DUNGEON_HGT and DUNGEON_WID in cave.h and set them to smaller values. Although, I will not assure you that the game will be playable...
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