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Yes, they are, it's true. Still, that was a unique situation for me.

Crash diving way too fast and made some more sillly blunders. I have a tendency to find really good items, not have room for them, and somehow forget to pick up the object, leaving a wand of TO behind (I did find a rod of TO shortly thereafter, but at DL65 and 296HP gonna require some paranoid play). Keep hitting the down stairs cause I keep ending up on levels I can't deal with, but a sorcerer just dropped 3 !CON. Amazing. Also just picked up a couple of !EXP so now I'm CL33 and a ring of INT <+4> so I will get the TO book from the store when I return. Also just picked up Telepathy cap, so I suppose not all is lost. I have good stealth, thanks to magi cloak and Hithlomir. My turn count is around 21k (DL65) And Angband just crashed . I know I should be wearing a ring of CON but I will be swapping a ring of slaying (+13, +6) with the INT ring.
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