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My melee the whole game has been much better than my ranged attack (that Aiglos). I have a short bow of Lothlorien now, but its to-dam is only +12. I am only CL33 on DL65 so no Tensers yet. I just became able to use TO and haste self (when I return to the town I will buy the book), and cannot cast anything more difficult than those prayers presently. I'm actually not sure I've even encountered any rings of accuracy.

EDIT: Shoot, I think the Sorceror may have summoned something that I killed that tropped the cap of telepathy because I cleared the room where I picked it up and no one dropped it.

I'm doing between 185 and 473 per round using archery. Maybe I will swap Aiglos for Avavir since it has +3 speed, fire brand in addition to frost, though overall less damage output.

The Great Swamp Wyrm woke up and I didn't notice. Breathed on me and I died. Good thing I keep the =rPois in my backpack in case I encounter such a beast..... I had just found my first ring of accuracy, too (+0,+19). I was aware of the Wyrm since I was on ESP from the mushrooms I had, and was about to TO the ArchLich, then put on the rPois ring and do some Archery practice with the wyrm, but a Demonic and Rotting Q showed up so I figured I'd kill those before they summon things I can't deal with (my TO abilities were quite limited), and I fired an arrow of frost at the Demonic one and that was the last thing I would do.

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