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So at last Angband plays fair. 7-6 level on DL36 and I'm heading to the down stairs since I don't have TO or *destruction* (though I do have shrooms of second sight) when I killed some things on the way to leave the level (another Basilisk who went down quickly this time, though I'm doing 3.3 blows now compared to 2.3 earlier) when I see an !Enlightenment. Can't be bothered to shuffle gear and I kinda wanna see what's in the vault anyway, so I quaff it without giving it a second thought. Okay, well now the hallways are illuminated, some mithril arrows, a long bow at the top and a helm, whip and mithril guantlets in the center. Why don't I just go back and see what's in it and if I can maybe do some lure and teleport tricks?

So I ESP near the vault and the worst offender is Ar-Pharazon. Actually, he is *the only* OOD monster. Now he is like the best way OOD monster to deal with compared to other monsters at that depth. He's basically the only one you can have a reasonable chance to get around of that depth.

So I blunder by forgetting to use the activation on the digging ring to get into the vault, and wake everything up drilling. Not paying close enough attention to Ar-Ph I'm suddenly teleported across to the other side of the level (where I started). I return and face him down in a hallway near the vault and he starts summoning things, but nothing terrible (worst being 7 headed hydra and Xaren). And I phase around for a bit waiting for him to teleport himself away but he teleports me again. 3rd time of this game, he teleports me on the *other* side of the vault--so I'm on the left side and he is on the right. Can I get into the vault without him being re-activated, or will I be too close?

I first had to deal with stone giants, mumaks, water trolls, and Agamantaite(sp) brothers. I blew through all my ?phases save 1 but once I got my hands on those mithril arrows of flame it was all gravy. I get into the center of the vault, no Ar-Ph. The helm is Seeing (I already have it) and the whip is Gondolin, but it has +18 dam and the gauntlets are slaying (+5, +5). Not terrible, worth the trouble... but the Katana of frost does the same amount of damage to cold as the whip does to others.
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