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OK, fixed version has been pushed - should be built and on the nightlies page within the next half hour.

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
- square_note_spot() calls square_reveal_trap() without checking square_issecrettrap() -- maybe that's the reason stuff is detected out of LOS
- square_reveal_trap() does a flat "skill search < trap power", meaning that trap detection is an "on/off" switch -- is that intended?
I'm not sure that checking square_issecrettrap() is needed, but I did it anyway - I need to check the whole logic of that.

Yes, trap detection is meant to be on/off - if the player has sufficient skill, they will always detect the trap, and if not, they never will. There is (usually) some randomness involved in the visibility rating of the particular trap instance, but once the trap is created it's deterministic.
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