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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post
The knowledge features are working for me as far as I can tell. In what way don't they work for you?

As for multiple windows, the pre-compiled version is the windows Console version. Therefore it runs as a console app - which means there's only one window and there's no graphics.

I haven't done anything to take graphics or multiple windows out, so if someone compiles a version for a different system they'll work normally.

I can get the knowledge menu up fine. When I select option 1, 2, or 5 I get an error that says "cannot open '\s6po.' Multiple attempts will add increments of 1/10 behind that period. I can close the game and reopen and it cannot find open a different file name. Some examples I've had are s474, s5v0, s1bg and s2j4.

When trying to open options 3,4, or 6 I get a windows message saying the cthangband main executable has stopped working.

For reference I'm on a 64 bit version of Windows 7.
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