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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
I think the maximum + depends on the variant.

MAngband used to have(and maybe still does, I'm not sure) some kind of infinite generation process, with each step becoming progressively rarer. There was a player who had dual +18s, which were obscene.

In current TomeNET, to the best of my knowledge at least, Speed rings are capped at +15, and they're super rare... my best at the moment is an 11, and I haven't found anything bigger then a +9 the entire time I've been back, within the last month or so.

That 23 must have been on the infinite process, but the odds have to be astronomical against it. The RNG must have taken pity on you in your quest to win without egos, lol.

Bet you won't try that over on TomeNET, though
I confirm that MAngband uses the same process as Angband, and someone also found a +23 speed ring not long ago (and died minutes afterwards heh). Rings of Speed in TomeNET use the same process, but the code puts a hardcoded cap of +15 (and rarity is 3 instead of 1).
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