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I am a newcomer. I've had minimal contact with programming in the form of NWN 1 & 2 scripts and Baldur's Gate modding.

Now on to what I'm writing about. I want to make an Angband variant set in the Underdark (giant subterranean caverns filled with nasty stuff, for those who do not know D&D).

What would not change:
1. standard rules, including magic (no spheres)
2. method of counting your score
3. classes
4. traps

What I want to have:
1. remove level 0 & have a chance of outposts [shop(s)] appearing in the level
2. no endgame
3. new monster list (named monsters, LOTR-specific monsters, farmer Maggot, urchins etc. have to go)
4. new player race list
5. Unangband level generator (the one with lava, vines, blood, lakes etc.)

What I'd like to have if it's possible:
1. horizontal passages (you go in, you have a new level generated like you'd walked up or down stairs, but the depth stays the same)
2. being able to [E]at corpses for sustenance
3. limited containers (small chest, sack, bag) you can carry stuff in
4. A way to label level 1-30 Upperdark, 31-60 Middledark, 61-90... Lowerdark
5. monsters flocking to a character that holds a light source (a torch, lantern etc.)
6. multiclassing
7. templates at creation (half-fiend, vampire etc.)
8. two-weapon fighting

I need your help.

The stuff is listed in a rough order of importance. I understand the easiest thing to do is 3 & 4 from 'what I want to have' - it is enough to edit the monsters.txt and pc_race.txt.

I wonder, which variant should I try forking? Vanilla ...? Unangband, ZAngband+ ...?

I'd credit happily any person who would decide to help me.

Thanks in advance,

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