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Originally Posted by Zireael View Post
Now on to what I'm writing about. I want to make an Angband variant set in the Underdark (giant subterranean caverns filled with nasty stuff, for those who do not know D&D).
This sounds very cool. I'll point toward where you might find the features you're after.

1. remove level 0 & have a chance of outposts [shop(s)] appearing in the level
ToME 2 certainly has dungeon shops; I'm not sure if any other *bands do, but it should not be too hard to do.

2. no endgame
I don't know what you mean here - no final enemy to defeat, maybe?

3. new monster list (named monsters, LOTR-specific monsters, farmer Maggot, urchins etc. have to go)
4. new player race list
Easy, and fun - initially just changing names and descriptions of ones you want to remove might be a good way to start.

5. Unangband level generator (the one with lava, vines, blood, lakes etc.)
As Antoine said, NPP (which has had new releases in the last year) uses Un terrain, as does Un, obviously.

1. horizontal passages (you go in, you have a new level generated like you'd walked up or down stairs, but the depth stays the same)
Easy enough - define passages like stairs, but don't increase the depth.

2. being able to [E]at corpses for sustenance
ToME 2 at least does this, and several variants have corpses or body parts dropped. These just need to be given food value.

3. limited containers (small chest, sack, bag) you can carry stuff in
Un does this very effectively.

4. A way to label level 1-30 Upperdark, 31-60 Middledark, 61-90... Lowerdark
There would be lots of ways of doing this - just a direct relabelling of depth is easiest. FAangband has a big table of levels and connectivity, which would also deal nicely with the passage issue.

5. monsters flocking to a character that holds a light source (a torch, lantern etc.)
So the character can attract monsters less if they don't wield a light? There have been some interesting things done with monsters being awake but unaware in DaJAngband

6. multiclassing
Interesting. That will be a challenge; Sangband (which has skills rather than classes) may be helpful.

7. templates at creation (half-fiend, vampire etc.)
Do you mean for monsters?

8. two-weapon fighting
Several *bands do this, notably Heng/Entro/Cheng.

NPP is probably a good one to fork from, but I'd have a look at a few and decide which you like the look of best. I'd also recommend putting up a public code repository somewhere collaboration is easy - there are several *bands at github, so that's the obvious choice.

Good luck!
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