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I can confirm that the box which would have chat looks different now; it's half the size, with an equal sized box above it that says "- home", and the box one'd usually type in came pre-filled with what looked like color information (parenthesis and commas delimiting six numbers between 0 and 255). Typing something in and trying to enter it doesn't even clear the box, of course.

Edit: On some sites, having script-blocking at all, even if it isn't active, causes the site to switch to the smartphone version; might it be something like that?
Edit2: Nope; went safe-mode and still broken. I'm going to guess it's an underlying component version issue?
Edit3: The site is apparently still changing; the two boxes are now more reasonably proportioned at 3/1 chat/other.
Edit4: And despite not being truly logged on, apparently my fake login can still be kicked. (And it's still taking the right password and no other.)

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