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wrt Morgoth: You could make him effectively unkillable by giving him progressively more lethal attacks (something that can't be dodged or resisted like nether breath. I believe the classic angband elements are still in there somewhere) as the fight goes on until every turn longer you spend in combat is a chance of being instagibbed. If this was for instance a flat 1/10 chance per round to hit for 200 damage the player would only have a 35% chance of surviving 10 rounds. If Morgoth can soak up 40 rounds of damage the player's chance of survival assuming immunity to all non-instadeath moves the chance of survival drops to around 1.5%. He's not technically unkillable in such a case it's just really stupid to try and will probably cost you your win. Which seems about right, Beren didn't even try he gtfo'd
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