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1) I agree with what Derakon said, though I think those type of players just like playing in a certain way anyway (look over Psi's dumps for example). The original intention of half and Scatha was for a Morgoth kill to be much rarer than what became evident on the ladder.

2) I think it's too easy to use in the throne room and actually sort of bad anywhere else. It gives a massive -10 stealth penalty for +3 or so accuracy, not really a tradeoff I want when it causes you to get swamped by so many things.

3) I've played my fair share of pacifists and combat stealth characters, it's been quite a while since I've played so I can't fully remember but I think stealth overall is in a good place - it is strong (with high enough stealth and some songs you are basically undetectable) but still requires attention and caution.

4) One of my least favourite things about Sil if I'm honest. It constantly tempts you by seeming fun and flavourful but ends up being annoying due to the random nature of forges and the "correct" strategy being to spend the first however many forges building a smithing kit and then making crazy stuff at the end. Pretty much always when I tried I would smith some things early on and then abandon it later when I didn't find forges or invest enough to make it take off. I just avoid it now.

7) The true synergy of focused attack is in a stealth assassination build where it's an integral part and without it, maybe not viable. Besides that I do think it is fun and interesting, there are lots of situations where you can put it to use during natural gameplay too.

Good to see someone making a Sil fork by the way. Also, didn't see it mentioned when I glanced at the other thread but flanking is too good, you don't need to care about positioning and you get better defense at the same time, it's the easiest melee style.
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