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Tips for Identification

Hey all, pretty new player here. I have some questions about strategies for identifying items. Sorry if this stuff is in the in-game help file. I compiled on linux and cant build the docs due to a dependency I can't seem to get installed with apt. I will try to figure this out soon...

Anyways, on to my questions:

I found a full plate of armor that I dropped in the shop to have it identified. It's the best armor I've ever found (Full Plate Armour of Resitances (-3) [62,+11] but it costs 3x the money I currently have!

1. How long will it stay in the shop? If I have to spend time grinding for cash, will it still be there waiting for me?

2. I've found some scrolls of rune identification which I blew on dumb items. I wasn't sure how rare these were or how often shops stock on this item (if at all)? Seems like the cheapest way to get an item ID'd. Should I be hoarding these scrolls for cases like above?

3. If I use an unidentified item, do I eventually understand/identify it? I'm assuming this is also how I get cursed.

4. Am I able to remove cursed items at will or do I need scroll to remove curse? Does removing the curse make the item "uncursed" and usable again? I haven't really experimented with cursed things yet.

Sorry for the noob questions, but I'm slowly learning from my very preventable deaths! I'm so used to RLs totally shafting you with RNG. I'm really digging the way Angband plays, feels more like a proper game than RNGesus gambling.

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