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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
I have terrible problems with Archons, with their invulnerability shields and their mana bolts
Are Achons best avoided
In general any enemy that is difficult or annoying to kill is best avoided unless you have something to gain from it (e.g. high level dragons or other monsters with great drops, quest targets and dungeon bosses, dungeon entrance guardians). Wands of teleport other are an infinite resource and non-unique monsters that resist tele only have a chance to resist.

This applies to things that make themselves invulnerable, things that can hurt you enough to force you to use !healing (instead of a cheaper or more renewable source of healing), as well as anything with potentially powerful summons. For example, Death and Hell Knights can cast 'summon monsters' and have no loot at all, so even when my character can probably kill them in 3-4 turns I prefer to teleport them away in 1 turn.
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