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Originally Posted by Patashu View Post
I consider it a toss up between Leaping and Dodging. I pretty much always take Sprinting, and so I need to take one or the other. Leaping can occasionally get you out of some bad situations, and of course sometimes you get cut off by chasms after falling through a trap door. So it's occasionally useful, and (rarely) a lifesaver. Dodging on the other hand is somewhat useful a lot of the time. I would definitely take it over Leaping if I was planning on taking Flanking. I used to take Flanking a lot, now days much less so because of the expense.

I often just delay choosing which one to take as long as possible. If I get stuck in an appropriately bad situation, I take Leaping to get out. If I haven't gotten stuck by the time I'm ready to take Sprinting, then I take Dodging+Sprinting.

But really, instead of Leaping, my preference is a Mattock of Belegost.
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