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Hey, thanks for the feedback and bug reports! I've responded to a few of them below.

Originally Posted by Carg View Post
* The whole file also is based in the character interface, ignoring tiles.
It's not exactly clear how documentation could make use of tiles instead of text, in any event, tiles are not the assumed default UI for a lot of things (including e.g. the Banish prompt).

03 - weapon damage calculation: if the blows per round is not a whole number, but say 3.8, you get 3 blows every round, never 4. But the calculation for the weapon view does count the fraction, resulting in too high dam/rnd values.
This is something that could absolutely be explained better, but when you have 3.8 blows per round, what you get is 3 blows performed in slightly less than one turn's worth of time (specifically, 3/3.8 turns). So you do get to attack faster, or alternately, your enemy is less likely to get a turn in between your attacks.

06 - why are elementals, esp. Pukelman resistant to all attacks except the one they are using themselves (acid)? That seems illogical.
Pukelmen are golems, not elementals. All elementals, as far as I'm aware, are strong against their own elements. Golems tend to be weak to acid and strong against everything else. Maybe pukelmen should have different vulnerabilities, but they should have some element they aren't strong against or else mages will be sad.

09 - why does @m1 inscription work, but not @p1?
Probably because the 'p' command is mapped to 'm' internally, so 'p' is not a "real" command. But yeah, this is weird and should be fixed.

10 - Wish: display monster level in monster memory (esp. with uniques). If there is not enough room, I wouldn't mind the monster symbol being removed - I assume most users use tiles by now anyway.
Probably not a safe assumption. But to be clear, you're saying that you want the monster level to show up in the one-line description of the monster, right? Their level already shows up in the full monster memory; it's the depth the monster normally appears at. So e.g. Morgoth is level 100.

14 - There seems to be something off with the generation of elemental rings (fire, acid, cold and lightning). According to the generated spoiler (obj-desc.spo) from 4.1.2 they are level 50, but I seem to find them regularly from around level 20. That seems a bit overpowered, considering their protection similar to rings of protection but also offer a big amount of area damage regularly, AND temp. elemental resistance.
I don't know why the spoiler says they're level 50; they're really not that great. Rings of Protection are pretty bad rings, and while the activation is quite nice it's not competitive with the kinds of rings you'd normally be playing with by level 50. Specifically, big stat rings and Rings of Damage easily out-compete them.

17 - spell failure chances seem higher than the spellbook mentions. I tested this with a 21st level mage with listed spell failure of 4% on detect monsters, with no negative effects present as far as I could see. I cast it in total 335 times in a row, and had 26 failures, which amounts to more than 7% - almost twice as much as listed.
Interesting, that's the first time I've seen someone gather statistics that weren't closely in-line with the listed numbers! People often complain about spells failing too often, but in the past every time someone's collected stats they've been within a percentage point of what the game says.
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