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Originally Posted by Carg View Post
07 - changing the font to a larger size does not increase the space a letter gets, so they get truncated
You need to adjust the space used to show characters as well (which would be realy handy if the program would calculate that automatically and update the screen after you have choosen a new font size. There is only 1 font size size per window possible. )

You adjust the screen size (per character) for the main window with the window menu option "Term 0 Font Tile Size" => "Font".

Remark: THAT is ONLY POSSIBLE after character creation in game mode. It is not possible while the start up screen is shown!

For windows 1 to 9 you have to do that manually (*sigh*).
Use the four window menu options "Increase/Decrease Window Tile Width/Height".

For example i am using Win7 system and the standard font size is 8x12 points. If i change that to the more eye friendly size of 10x14
i need to use 2x Increase Tile Width and 2x Increase Tile Height for each subwindow i change the font in.

Originally Posted by Carg View Post
12 - show_damage should not only show weapon damage, but also spell damage
+1 from me for that wish!

Since spells can hit more than one target (beam or ball attacks or breath attacks) you could solve that by either
(a) show the damage for each monster damaged (could be spammy)
(b) show only the damage for the targeted monster (if no target, the 1st monster damaged).
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