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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Hmmm. I hadn't realised there was another 3.3.2 comp running. I hope that we'll be fixing a 3.4 release date on Saturday, so I'd rather not release a 3.3.3 as well. But if it's going to be a long time then that's a different story. Let's revisit the issue at the weekend.

Meanwhile, was it only the one line that needed fixing? ISTR from PowerWyrm that there were other values in project_m that might end up at 0 by the same sort of accident, but I'm not certain.
I think everything else should be okay other than that one line. In each case, before we call mon_inc_timed, we already check whether the timer increment is nonzero. The only problem with stunning is that we potentially modified that number in between checking and sending the call to mon_inc_timed.
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