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I'm at 1900' right now. You think I should dive deeper? I can't kill anything remotely scary with 60 damage a round. I could wear a ring of strength or damage, but that means I lose some speed. I have total 6 speed with 3 pieces of gear: Totila, Wormtongue's boots and +1 from an elven cloak. I suppose a ring of +4 strength or ring of +10 damage and swap back to my defender weapon which gives me FrAct so I can take off the FrAct ring. (other hand has rPoison). I do have ESP so that is good.

I would suggest if the game is going to have a game changing effect like stat swap, then there should be some way to reverse it. Maybe stat swap that lasts 1000 turns or something or until the end of the level?

Anyway, time to go to work! Thanks for any tips or advice anyone can offer me on how I can continue. I can cover basically all the resistances I need up to 2000'.

I have radagast boots for FrAct but wormtongues are soo good!

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