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I don't know what "scrambled" status means. But I am going to buy a bunch of stair detection scrolls and work my way back to DL30 and then find some brawn potions and slowly claw my way back into the game. Kinda tempting to start over, though.

This was totally avoidable as I had Arvedui, but figured I didn't care if I got bopped around levels to give up the huge 200+ blast that doesn't wreck potions or scrolls. Now I will take Nexus casters more seriously, though I think Debo has the right idea; just remove those buggers and enjoy my life!

Wow, so I am diving up and still getting decent stuff. CON potion at 1850' and potion of Augmentation at 1600' with level feeling of 3. This going back to 1500' is working out very well so far. Though I quaffed a nimbleness potion and it made me weak. I have all the luck.

Picked up a !DEX at 1550'. My damage is back up to [s]100[/s]125 now. I will now slowly start descending again. ninja editAnd a potion of strength! My luck is turning quick! I also found 3 Healing potions on my ascencion which I was frustratingling not finding many of when I was at 1900-2000'.

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