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Originally Posted by Apostlyte View Post
The decently equipped 8th level Priest was one shotted by an acid spitting naga. It lead me to rethink my starting class.
Priests are quite strong once they get the Orb of Draining spell and a decent mana pool, but they do have a pretty slow start. If you're still getting the hang of the game, pick one of warrior/paladin/rogue, and put most of your stat points into STR and DEX. Then you'll be able to equip a lightweight weapon like a dagger and get multiple blows/round, which vastly improves your damage output because each blow gets your full damage bonus (from STR and weapon enchantments).

I bet your priest was doing something like 2d4+1 damage in melee (if using a mace and having a mediocre STR score). And they probably weren't hitting super-reliably either. A half-troll warrior can readily be doing 3d4+9 or so, using a dagger, and hitting a lot more reliably too.

Don't be afraid to play warriors just because they don't have magic. The game's still perfectly fun without it.
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