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targeting differences between 3.0.9b and HEAD

So I tried playing 3.0.9b recently. While I missed most of the improvements of HEAD, one thing in particular that stood out as being better was the targeting interface.

In 3.0.9b, if there is a pack of monsters and you hit "*" you start highlighting one of them, but can then use the direction keys to toggle between all the visible monsters. In HEAD you can only toggle between what I'll call "border monsters".

It seems to me that some spells (stinking cloud in particular) allow one to target interior monsters in a pack. But maybe I'm wrong. If I manually target an interior monster, does the spell still go off when it hits the border monster? If so, then that explains this change: it shows the player which monsters are valid targets.

If interior monster *are* valid targets, then was this change made explicitly, or is it a bug or regression?
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