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3.1.0 thoughts

Hey up,

Been playing the new version all over the weekend and I have to say I'm very impressed. It's more interesting and fun and there's a lot less boring levels and junk items lying about than before. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Some of my rambling thoughts on the game at the moment:

Love the new ring types. I used the ring of escaping repeatedly at the start. Would having resist fear mean that these are free speed? Some of the rings seem a bit useless though, like the ring of the mouse and the dog. Perhaps improve them slightly?

Too many hounds - I know they have always been in there, but I really find them boring after a while. Tone them down perhaps?

Having % failure rates for magic devices visible to the player would be good so I know what to keep and what is essentially useless when playing a warrior.

There seem to be less stat potions. My first game I got to level 62 having found only 2 stat potions despite killing loads of troll/orc pits and dragons on the higher levels (and I'm by no means a fast player). Are there less of them now?

A lot of wand/rods seem underpowered by the time you find them. By the time you get a rod of fire bolts you've already got a launcher that does far more damage without taking up a space in your inventory.

Not many amulets or mushrooms lying about. I only found charisma +4 and Wisdom +1 amulets and only found one type of mushroom. Bad luck probably.

I prefer the fact that the shops don't have loads of each item. Stops you buying 100s of enchant weapon rather than seeking out the good weaponry in the dungeons.
I would personally make enchanting scrolls much rarer, but also more likely to work on already enchanted equipment. That way looking after your equipment and deciding which weapon to enchant would be more strategic. Also I'd combine enchant weapon to-hit/to-damage and enchant armour into one scroll and have them possibly enhant the item more than +1 when used.

Also a change I'd like is have the shops only always have one word of recall scroll guaranteed and then have more of them in the dungeon. It's too tempting to teleport back to the town after each dungeon level at the moment and a bit of risk trying to get a word of recall would be fun I think.
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