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Preparing for 4.2 release

There are now new builds on the nightlies page and with the following changes:
  • The 'p' option in targeting works again (thanks Ingwe)
  • New experimental birth option - to-dam, instead of a flat damage boost, adds a percentage (5% per +1) of the damage dice. Some of you will realise that this is the central feature of O-combat, and I was kind of curious to see how it looks if just that change is made. The short answer is it's a bit broken, but not nearly as much as I expected. The effects are roughly:
    • Damage from small dice weapons is significantly reduced
    • Regular damage is somewhat reduced across the board
    • Damage from slays and brands is generally increased
    So it might be an interesting option for some, and it also makes a discussion point for potential future combat system changes
  • Added a THROWING flag for weapons which are intended to be thrown. The existing weapons to get it are daggers and spears, and I have also added throwing axes and throwing hammers. The effect of the flag is that the damage of the thrown weapon now includes the player's innate to-dam value (so from =Damage, etc) as well as the weapon's.
  • Added a new type of shield, Knight's Shield (heavier and better for bashing)
  • Smallish rework of artifacts:
    • The 'thancs have all been nerfed from 2d4 to 1d4
    • Wormtongue has the speed bonus replaced by a moves bonus, and acquires trap immunity
    • Belegennon has its DEX and stealth bonuses replaced by damage reduction (think Frodo being stabbed by the orc captain in Moria)
    • New artifact, Knight's Shield of Eärendil, and all the artifact shields got the correct damage dice

These are the last gameplay changes (as distinct from bugfixes) that I intend before releasing version 4.2.0. The number of bugs on my list has now dropped below 30; I would appreciate any feedback on this list (things I've missed, things that are incorrect or no longer a problem).

So this is now a call for complaints. What's wrong with the current state of the development version? In particular, I am interested in feedback on the new classes and the changes to the monster list, but also on other things that have changed since 4.1.3 like XP penalties (both for races and classes), artifact changes, randarts, lighting. Feel free also to re-litigate changes made from 4.0 to 4.1, or suggest lost features from even older versions or new stuff.

Lack of comment will be taken as approval
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