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I'm generally very pleased with the new changes but I got few complaints now that you asked for them:

Packs of Old Forest Trees don't add anything to the game. Other than sometimes blocking a corridor. I just ignore them every time I see one.

Another tree complaint is about Hasty Ent. If you wake one up, you basically want to lure it somewhere and destruct the area, because it finds you anywhere and digs walls. I'm not particularly fond of those Huorns either. Mostly because they start to appear bit too early.

Wiruin is the kind of unique you just want leave it where you spotted it and never come back. Or destruct it. This, if you can detect it before it gets you.

For flavors I don't tend to complain but "Etten"?

Staff of Starlight and Wand of Door Destruction I never use, even though they are supposed to be beneficial. Buff em or ditch em.

Also, the game has too many fights against canines. Wolves and wargs are everywhere and then come the Z's. I sometimes even let myself to get wounded under 50% HP, just so I can get the whole wolf pack to follow me in the corridor without pelting them moving on and off from doorway (EDIT: this, of course, is a very old issue. Not the new problem).

These came in my mind first. Some changes are excellent, like huge buffs on mature dragons, wraith buffs. Nazguls being moved much deeper is kinda good but Uvatha wasn't nowhere near as dangerous as other dlvl70 uniques.
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