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This is a very powerful @ for 2350', and the melee damage is crazy. Speed, detection, a large HP pool, teleport other and the key resistances (AFCLP, Free Action) are your main survival tools.
-Equip Ring of Speed instead of Harod, at least until you get another source of speed. The immunity to cold is nice, but not as critical as speed - avoid cold (and shards)-based beasts in the meantime to keep your potions from being shattered. (I'd also suggest carrying cure critical wounds instead of those rods, but that's a matter of taste.)
-You probably have enough SP to be able to have Haste up all the time. Do this. (Create a shortcut key for "cast haste" if you haven't yet.) You can then stash your staves of speed, and perhaps pick up an extra Teleportation instead, just in case.
-Teleport other is very powerful. Of course, it's harder to gauge when to use it if you don't know all the monsters inside out. But those wands should be in your backpack, especially as you've got lightning immunity and they are safe from being vaporized.

Good luck.
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