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Agree with the previous comment. You are doing phenomenally well with that character. Consider carrying resistance potions. Losing Resistance spells is one of the three biggest nerfs for Ranger and Rogue classes, the others being: loss of haste (rogue) and loss of brand weapons. (Loss of teleport other isn't as big, because there is plenty to be found in the dungeon by the time you can reliably cast the spell.)


Also, your selection of gear in the pack is a sub-optimal. Too many things that are nice to have, leaving too little room for things that are essential.
Things to drop:
* Leave ?Banishment, *Heal* at home for the final fights. If you want to banish in the dungeon, use a staff.
* Way too many damage wands. Rely on arrows for damage at a distance.
* Random scroll Protection from Evil. Read this off the floor and go on.
DO carry:
* Some of those wands of Teleport Other. One rod is not enough to rely on, and wands have lower fail rate.
* Guaranteed escape. (?Teleport Level, ? *Destruction*.) Teleport self after DL 50 is a sure way to lose, in the long run. Use it only if you are desperate (say, you run into an Ethereal Dragon or Titan without pConf.) In general, rely on Teleport other and evasion to avoid monsters you decline to fight, and avoid fights where you need to escape.
* Potions of resistances. These are a game changer, making Smaug & friends far less dangerous. Same
* Consider carrying !Heroism or other buffs, not only to resist fear. Buffs make a difference for characters with bad melee skill like rangers.

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