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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Resistance potions (or elemental rings) have a lot of value if you can't kill big elemental breathers fast, and you don't have a spell to replace them. Single resisted Fire/Cold/Elec top out at 533 damage. That is enough to kill your character in 2 turns from 100% health, and is more than a potion of healing can cure. Cutting this to 174 (closer to 100 for Smaug) turns the element into a non-threat.
Interesting! I will take these things more seriously! (In fact, Resist Heat just saved my ass when I ran into Itangast on DL52, I'm pretty sure. I was able to TP him away, scope out how many other uniques were on the level, and nab a few things.)

This isn't *quite* the best-equipped character I've ever had -- I actually got a dwarf priest down to level 99 once but the demons and undead did me in. In that instance though I hadn't run into many of the uniques of that type and they all showed up on that level together. I wasn't smart enough to bail out. I have learned from the experience.

But I gotta say, I have no complaints about this character except that I'd *really* like those last few resistances filled out.

ETA: getting protection from confusion so early in the game really has been HUGE. That's one of the hardest ones to find, in my experience!

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