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I have a cl 20 high elf necromancer, and I ran a Dunedain up to 10 before rebuilding. At first I thought the class was terrible. But now I like it. It is very different for sure. You have to get used to the dark. After a while, though, you can cast low level spells reliably even in the light. The class has a bit more HP than a mage and is better over time in melee. I'm not saying the class is more powerful necessarily, but it's playable and novel.

Does darkness inhibit dungeon monsters in any way? Seems like that would be a nice effect to go along with Necros having to hide in the shadows all the time. But instead it seems like it blinds me and doesn't affect them at all! Infravision is why I switched from Dundain to High Elf - it's very helpful but doesn't have enough range.

Tap Unlife is pretty cool, when an undead is around. Right now I'm using a "cursed" weapon which summons undead from time to time heh. Generally there aren't enough undead around to make this spell a game changer.

Noxious Fumes is excellent. Would be great if it was a ball, of course. The self-poison isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I carry a Rod of Curing right now and that solves it. Occasionally I poison myself when I can't cure it and it's not that bad.

Disenchant is very powerful. Interesting damage dice: 2d(PLAYER_LEVEL:* 2 + 10), so every level increases the damage by 2 points on average, but the variance is very high. Nerfing enemy spellcasters seems to work very well.

Hopefully I'll add some thoughts on this class as I level.
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