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The strangest thing just happened in my game. And I mean strange. So strange, I'm not sure I'll even be able to explain it clearly.

So I'm playing my game, I'm on DL85 I think, and CL50, I'm mulling over gear setup, and finally make my decision on what I'm dropping from my pack. I tab-switch to file folder and delete another video I recorded (my external drive stopped working). Let me be clear, I did not close Angband. I tab-switch back to the game and the most strangest thing has transpired. The game now shows me on DL72, CL46, in a situation I remember very clearly because I had been recording this earlier and there was a very odd glitch in the recording at this precise point in the past (which you can find on my YT channel). The glitch came about because I accidentally swapped between Angband and another app while recording, and the recording app kept recording the audio of the game but failed to display Angband properly (the video portion of the recording was stuck on the exact same scene as my game has mysteriously just reverted to now). But that's not the strangeness I am here to report on. The strangeness is... why am I suddenly playing Angband from the past?? Stranger yet, all my sub-windows (the ones that tell me what just happened, monsters and treasure near by) are still the DL85/CL50 windows that just happened even though the main window is clearly showing game state from DL72, CL46! I am completely boggled, flummoxed.

To ensure that Angband wasn't just displaying some false image of a past game, I do stuff in this past Angband and it all seems real, I kill the beetle again, everything appears normal in this past version of Angband, my inventory is past inventory (when I press 'I', even though the objects-near-by-sub-window show 'true present' DL50 objects!) Stranger yet, the sub-window that shows my inventory shows my present inventory, not the past inventory, so 'I' inventory is showing objects I possessed in this past state, and the window'd inventory is showing what I am holding in the true present!

Seriously, folks, stranger things have not happened....

Now I don't know what to do. I'm afraid if I close Angband it will save the game in this past state and I'll lose all my recent progress. If I force quit Angband I'll have to replay the level I just played again (as I am not sure I saved during the level). I suppose the latter is my best option, but I really don't want to replay the level as there were nasty sky dragons I killed and an annihilation dragon and two undead pits including black reavers and none of them did any significant harm to me. I'm sure I will not be so lucky replaying the level. /sigh

To recap: so not only is it strange that the game is suddenly in a past (passed?) state, but it's at precisely the same point in my game's history when it glitched making a screen recording.

How did the game ninja-load a previous state? Where would such a previous state be saved? Doesn't Angband continuously overwrite past game states each time it autosaves at the start of a level or when I save the game manually?

If anyone feels like positing some theories on this extremely strange situation, (and advice on how I might be able to get back to the true present in my game) I would be very appreciative of any help. Thanks!

EDIT: Coinciding with this I just noticed that Google Chrome reloaded a bunch of tabs it had mysteriously disappeared earlier (Chrome does this from time to time after I've closed my laptop and open it later). So I had only 3 tabs open before going to bed, but now I'm just noticing that all those old tabs that mysteriously had all disappeared are all back now. I notice the old tabs not because visually I see all the tabs, I noticed they were old tabs because I'm reading Harry Potter in one of the tabs and was scratching my head just now as to why the page I was just reading from three chapters ago (I had already read this part).

So, yeah, not only has the main window of my game reverted to the past, but my browsing tabs have as well. I wonder if these two passed (past?) versions of computational reality are at the same point in the past? Anyway, this seems more like a glitch in my computer (or in The Matrix) rather than in Angband.

Dear Matrix,
I would like my present back, thanks!
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