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The videos are available on Twitch right now, and will probably be on YouTube soon, so at the very least you can watch those and get a sense of how interesting they are. Some recommendations (either because the topic was inherently interesting to me, or because I thought the presentation was well done):
- Alexei Pepers (mapping roguelike devs to various D&D classes)
- Max Kreminski (extracting narratives out of giant piles of random events)
- Robin Sloan (getting computers to generate high-fantasy text)
- Thomas Biskup (on the dangers of relying on a bunch of veteran roguelike players' feedback when you want to appeal to general audiences)
- Brian Bucklew (an interesting technique for doing many different styles of map generation with a single program)
- Jim Shepard (making AIs that have more nuanced relationships with the PC beyond a basic linear reputation system)

There was also a trivia show at the end of day 2, which I personally quite enjoyed.
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