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Originally Posted by Marble Dice View Post
One other nice thing about #2 is it would be simple to automatically convert to #1... just change all non-unique pinks to purple, and all uniques to pink. This would be easy to implement as a display option.
Since people have quite strong preferences on this issue, I wonder if Takk would consider adding this as an option. We could then put some work into really aesthetically pleasing colours for uniques by default, but with a set of (say) four pink shades not used at all. Turning on this option would then make all uniques one of those four pink shades (e.g. by depth, or whatever) and no other monsters would be affected.

Personally I really think we need more than 26-28 colours for this. I'm thinking 64, where we have four lighter/darker variations on each of the 16 base colours. That way we can use 50-odd colours for the full monster set, and still have at least four set aside for uniques using this option.

(I realise that four variations of the 16 base colours leaves you with a lot of browns and greys. My point is that I reckon we need about twice as many colours as we have now, regardless of which extra shades we use. I'd be happy to do this once 3.1.2 is out, but I'll leave it to someone else to choose monster colours.)
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