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If I recall correctly, these are the possible pseudo-IDs:

{magical}: the object has modifiers to its base stats. Weapons have have bonuses or penalties to-hit and to-dam; armor may have bonuses or penalties to its armor modifier. For example, a Broad Sword (2d5) (+4,+6) or a Cloak [1,-6]

{ego-item}: the object has extra effects and a descriptor name, which may be good or bad. For example, a Broad Sword of Flame or a Cloak of Vulnerability

{cursed}: the item cannot normally be removed once wielded; you must read a Scroll of Remove Curse (or in rare cases, a Scroll of *Remove Curse*), or try to break the curse with enchantment scrolls, if you wish to un-equip the item. For example, a Broad Sword of Morgul (which would pseudo as {cursed, ego-item}).

{excellent}: an ego-item that has no stat modifiers, like the aforementioned Broad Sword of Flame

{splendid}: an ego-item that has stat modifiers. For example, a Spear of Westernesse, a Helm of Beauty, or Boots of Stealth.
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