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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
On affixes, there's never been an obvious solution to naming items, though Nomad did suggest a matrix system (where items are named using adjectives which are selected from a table according to their final properties, without using the affixes themselves in the name).
That's not a bad idea, as long as the matrix can be specified in an edit file (as the affixes themselves are).

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
- flags are a subset of properties which happen to be represented as OF_ flags in the code. Players should have no interest in which properties are flags and which aren't, it's purely a code-level distinction, and is the somewhat arbitrary result of historical decisions about the object struct. It would be possible to turn all properties into flags in order to treat all properties consistently in the code, but it's questionable whether this would be a net gain.
Agreed. As much as I am for making the game as modular as possible, there has to be a bottom layer somewhere!

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
- runes are used purely for ID, and currently map to flags. Instead of turning all properties into flags it would be possible, but complicated, to code up additional runes for non-flag properties - we haven't tried this yet. Some runes should be obvious to some or all characters under some or all circumstances. There is almost certainly a really neat way to code an obviousness matrix that we haven't found yet.

- affixes are another internal device, used for item generation - but also currently used in item naming. If we use Nomad's proposed naming system, affixes could and should become completely invisible to players, like flags. Affixes can affect any number of properties of an item, but always affect at least one property and should generally affect fewer rather than more. In particular, affixes should only affect one flag-based property, in most cases. (Since multiple properties can be defined with themes.)
Okay, the pieces are starting to settle into place in my head a little more. If an item has only a single affix, would it be named with just that affix?

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
- currently, affixes and runes overlap because squelching is done by affix and not by rune. Whether an affix is "known" (and can therefore trigger squelching if all affixes are known) is determined by whether all its properties (both flag/rune and non-flag) are known. This is currently decided by some wonky code like attack_plusses_are_visible and defence_plusses_are_visible and so on, and could benefit from being reorganised. (It's also been agreed that v4 can usefully dispense with pseudoID since runes render it pointless.)
Certainly agree that pseudo feels really silly at the moment. I like the idea I saw somewhere here of just seeing how many identified vs. unidentified runes there are.

Thanks for the thorough explanation!
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