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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
There is an outstanding bug in which monsters are not displayed properly on the monster list when you first descend into the level. I'm not sure what's causing it. I don't think a screen refresh clears it though. I have not seen a problem with detection yet, but I wasn't looking too closely.
I just encountered a bug that seems related (3.5 release, win7 64). I teleported across the level and immediately cast Reveal Monsters. I sensed no monsters and no invisible monsters, but the Mature White Dragon I was escaping from is still allegedly 1S 1W of me. I'm now in an east-west corridor, so it's cunningly disguised itself as a wall. Either that or it's looking at the monster list from before the 2 actions I just took. Maybe it's because stairs and teleport aren't counted as moves?
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