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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
The APW borg for 3.4.1 is the most recent Vanilla borg, and can be found here.

I live in hope that someone will rewrite the APW borg or write a new one, but that person is not likely to be me.
I've played with the thought from time to time. What kept me is the rather steep learning curve. So much code.
I always found the borg clumsy with gathering game data. It is all coded double! Once in the game and once for the borg. I know that is proper separation, but it dooms the maintainer to endless code updates to match game changes. Hackers just shrug and would read game data directly.
Another approach is that the game prepares read-only tables for the borg / display / addons to use. Maybe this would survive game updates best.

how do you feel the separation could be handled?

Regards, Willem.
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