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A proper Borg implementation would basically exist as a new virtual terminal and input source, so it would read the output provided by the game just like a human player would and send input keystrokes just like a human player would. Well, except that it would be able to see "tile (5, 10) has a blue "Z" in it" instead of having to do computer vision.

This would require writing code to let the borg make sense of the more textual aspects of the game, like reading the inventory, understanding modifiers on equipment, etc. So it's not ideal from that perspective. The way I would solve that would be to provide a way for the core engine to expose object data in a non-text format, though. So you could ask the engine "give me the monster data for all monsters in LOS" and it would return a list of monster structs, for example. Or "give me the object data for the item in inventory slot 5". Nothing that the player couldn't determine through the normal UI, but a lot easier for a computer program to interpret, while still maintaining good separation between the engine and the borg.
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